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Creating Possibilities for Young Artists in New Jersey!

New Jersey Foundation of Artistry and Ballet (NJFAB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provides NJ's aspiring artists and communities with outreach programs, educational opportunities, and live performances that are geared towards inspiring and promoting the art form of classical ballet and dance. Founded in 2019, NJFAB aims to help make NJ the forefront of producing great artists, choreographers, and future leaders in dance. No matter what financial limitations, background, or adversities exist, NJFAB wants to ensure that all youth has the opportunity to experience artistry, receive proper dance education, and be given the resources to pursue their dreams as a young artist. 

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NJFAB Outreach Program

NJFAB Outreach Program (CORE de Ballet) offer children of all ages, backgrounds or financial limitations with opportunities to experience the great benefits of dance education and live performances. Through partnerships with a diversity of individual artists, companies and organizations, NJFAB will provide groups, schools, and communities with:


  • Dance Classes

  • Live Performances

  • Q and A Sessions

  • Educational Seminars

  • Scholarship Opportunities 

  • Interactive Activities

As NJFAB grows, it is our hope to expand and provide an even wider range of outreach programs for individuals of all needs.

CONTACT US if you are interested in NJFAB's programs for your school or community!

NJFAB Educational Opportunities

NJFAB is committed to provide young artists with an array of different opportunities that will expand their minds and bodies in the art of classical ballet and dance. 


  • Master Classes with leading Artists and Teachers

  • Workshops 

  • Meet and Greets with Renowned Dancers

  • Informative Seminars 


NJFAB Performances

NJFAB strives to expose NJ to the diversity and beauty of live performances in classical ballet and other styles of dance. Through these performances, dancers and audience members alike will have the opportunity to experience a vast range of works by leading artists. Nothing is more inspiring than artists sharing their passion with the world on a New Jersey stage! 

Performances for ALL AGES!

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NJFAB is committed to providing opportunities for dancers of all backgrounds, financial situations, and adversities with scholarships to further their dance education. Through an arrangement of different scholarships programs, we aim to assist future artists in pursuing their dreams. NJFAB hopes that through providing scholarships to passionate and talented students, it will ensure a bright and diverse future for classical ballet and dance!

Scholarship Programs:

Financial Assistance Scholarships - Offered to students who cannot afford the cost of a dance education.

Merit Scholarships - Offered to dancers who show much promise, passion, and dedication to classical ballet and dance.

Boy's Scholarships - Encouraging boys and young men to pursue education in dance. 

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 In order to provide outreach programs, educational opportunities and inspiring performances, NJFAB needs your help! Through generous support, NJFAB will be able to inspire, educate, and assist  young artists  in pursuing their dreams!

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