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CORE de Ballet works on the premise of moving children beyond any social and personal challenges they face, to create a pathway for positive change in their lives and their community. CORE students train with pre-professional and aspiring artists in a supportive and inclusive environment to find their own expression through movement.  By learning the fundamental aspects of ballet and through disciplined training, they discover the power of becoming a confident dancer and individual. CORE de Ballet teaches children to believe in themselves by recognizing their special talents and finding a freedom in their dancing.  Through dance instruction provided by CORE de Ballet, children discover their power of self-expression which is restorative and cathartic. 





About NJFAB's CORE de Ballet

NJFAB hopes to build and support the ballet audiences and performers of tomorrow.  With this goal in mind, NJFAB is proud to announce its children's outreach education program, CORE de Ballet.  CORE de Ballet brings the joy of dance into the daily lives of underserved local elementary students with a structured and in-depth ballet and dance instruction.


CORE nurtures each student’s creative aspirations to help them reach their full potential and develop a life-long passion for ballet. The benefits of being introduced to ballet become immeasurable. CORE students develop discipline and drive with their training, and ultimately have the confidence to participate in performances on stage.  Their world is expanded through their exposure to ballet repertory, its rich history and its beautiful music.  


NJFAB hopes to expand its CORE program and increasingly serve more schools, extracurricular programs and students each year.  We believe the performing arts should be a fundamental part of every child’s education in NJ regardless of financial restraints.  With an exposure to performances, an outlet for self-express, and a solid performing arts education - we hope to support more students with all CORE de Ballet has to offer! 


CORE de Ballet and Sprout U School of the Arts Partnership

CORE de Ballet has partnered with the Sprout U School of the Arts, in Trenton, NJ and is committed to educating students in all aspects of ballet and technical movement, while nurturing self-confidence, perseverance, creative expression and an appreciation for the performing arts. CORE de Ballet classes focus on developing the child’s self-esteem, cooperation, creativity, and discipline.  CORE de Ballet is an immersive program which runs for the entire academic school year.  With weekly classes, several days a week, provided at BalletCNJ in Hamilton (also a partner of NJFAB), this collaboration between CORE de Ballet and Sprout U School of the Arts provides elementary students with dance instruction and didactical learning.  Students study various dance techniques, terminology, choreography, musicality and a history of dance. Students have weekly observation of pre-professional dancers in classes and rehearsals, and participate in performances especially designed for CORE de Ballet students.  Since its inception in 2020, this forged connection is benefiting many children who would not otherwise be introduced to this type of dance training and theory.  


Meet the CORE de Ballet Instructors

CORE instructors are passionate and excited to inspire and nurture the Young Artists of the Future!


Hillary Jackson


Tori Vinjamuri

Nicolette Peron BW HS.jpg

Nicolette Peron

Offering Core de Ballet


For more information on how to get your school or program involved in CORE de Ballet,


Donate to NJFAB's CORE de Ballet

NJFAB strives to make these programs and opportunities available and accessable to all aspiring CORE de Ballet students and schools. Contributions are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. If you are interested in making a contribution to NJFAB's CORE de Ballet Classes and Programs,



"You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams!"

~ Gene Kelly

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Offering CORE de Ballet
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